Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón is a municipality that, in addition to its cultural value and its wine-growing wealth, offers us a special natural interest. We want to protect the authentic values of the area and for this reason we offer you our trails. They are diverse landscapes that we want to preserve as spaces for the sustainable development of the territory, integrating them with the cultural landscape of the vineyards and agricultural crops that surround the area, as well as the Sierra de Cantabria mountain range that closes in to the north.

Hiking, and in any case the simplest walks, allow close contact with nature, improving the well-being of those who practice it and favouring the awareness, education and knowledge of society as a whole towards the care of our most precious and vital natural resources, as well as their biodiversity.

Water, forests, plants, animals and landscapes are elements that we especially need to preserve for the sustainability of the planet. That is why we encourage you to get to know our trails and to take care of them.