River Walk

The path starts at the Fuente del Pito fountain, located on Calle Sangüesa, on the right bank of the River Tirón.

From this point, you will have a beautiful view of the Velasco Castle, dating from the 14th century, of the river and of the waterfall that falls from the Castle estate and flows into the river.

The path starts on the right bank. You will pass under the stone bridge that crosses the river. If you want to contemplate the view from above, you only have to climb the stairs on the right once you have crossed the bridge structure. There you will see, on one side, the castle and the river, which flows in its greenest and lushest natural part. On the other, the town, dominated by the image of the Baroque church of San Miguel, the river and the stone pelota court, which has seen so many pelota matches since the 19th century.

Once you are back on the path, in the river bed, you will follow the straight path to enjoy a pleasant walk along the banks of the river Tirón. A large mass of trees and bushes will provide shade along the route. If you are also a botany lover, you will be able to contemplate a great diversity of plants and trees, including the part closest to the river, which maintains all its characteristic aquatic vegetation.

When you reach the children's play area, you will cross the footbridge over the river to cross to the other side. From there and through the park on the left bank, where you will find a fountain, you will continue along the nature trail to its end. To return to the municipality, just turn left at this point. Along Tirgo street and through part of the old town, you will reach the Plaza Mayor and the church of San Miguel. This is a circular path.

Length: 1 km.

Height: 0

Area: Compacted soil and asphalt.

Signage: No.

Approximate time: 00:15´.

Recommendations: This walk can be taken at any time of the year, given that it is wooded, and is especially recommended in spring for the botanical diversity that can be seen.

Fauna/botanical information: Pine, tuja, willow, poplar, sequoia, bryonya dioica, robinia, hellebore, sedge, reed, reeds, loosestrife, mallow, elder, mullein, dandelion, daisy, chamomile, marsh horsetail.

Agricultural interest: Vegetable gardens, fig trees, climbing vines

Heritage/artistic/historical interest (English audio):
Old town and traditional wine cellar area
Church of San Miguel
Cuzcurrita Castle
Old 19th century laundry  

Source on the route: Yes (Fuente del pito and fountain on the left bank of the river)

Topographic profile:
Perfil del sendero del río

Sendero del río

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