River Dam Path

This walk starts in the main square of Cuzcurrita and leads to the base of the castle, where the old washing place from the 19th century is located. It is an easy and flat path. From the waterfall that falls from the castle, cross the wooden bridge to follow the path that initially runs alongside the irrigation channel parallel to the Castillo de Cuzcurrita vineyard estate. We will cross a poplar forest and low vegetation to reach the river dam, an area of natural interest and a recreational area in the summer. It is an out-and-back trail.

Length: 2,25 km.

Height: Descent 20 metres.

Area: Dirt road, relatively compacted

Signage: No

Approximate time: 00:29

Recommendations: Due to its easy and short route, it is suitable for anyone, unless you have some mobility difficulties.

Fauna/botanical interest: Riparian botany, poplars, willows, thuja, salicaria, reeds, hoop, hellebore.

Heritage/artistic/historical interest:
Church of San Miguel
Old town and traditional wine cellar area
Cuzcurrita Castle
Old 19th century laundry

Source on the route: No

Topographic profile:

1. 880 presa- Desde CAstillo a la presa

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