Path of the Sorejana Hermitage

This is a signposted path. It starts from the enclosure wall of the castle, located near the Plaza Mayor. At the crossroads with the road that crosses Cuzcurrita, there is a sign that marks the beginning of the path. Cross the first part of the wall that encloses the winery and the castle until you reach a fork in the path. Take the branch to the left that points in the direction of the Hermitage, and continue along the path in an almost linear route until you reach the Romanesque hermitage of Sorejana.

The path is not particularly wooded, so it is ideal for a walk in spring, autumn or winter. It crosses fields of cereal crops and vineyards and you can see different botanical species. The Romanesque chapel of Sorejana awaits us at the end of the route to contemplate its structure and the plant decoration carved on the capitals, palpable proof throughout history of the importance of nature and crops in this area. This is an out-and-back path, although it can be connected to the dam path, which runs parallel to and above the dam path for a good part of the route.

Length: 3, 43 km.

Height: Ascent 20 metres. Descent 20 metres.

Area: Asphalted path to the Hermitage. It is a flat path without any difficulty.

Signage: Yes, along the route.

Approximate time: 00:40 ‘ at an average of 5 km/hour.

Recommendations: Highly recommended at any time of the year. If it is done in summer, preferably avoid the central hours of the day and, in any case, protect yourself from the sun.

Fauna/botanical interest: Tuja, cypress, elder, poplar, thistle, scabious, plantain, poppies, fennel, dandelion, flax.

Agricultural interest: Vineyards, cereals, olive and fig trees.

Heritage/artistic/historical interest:
Old town and traditional wine cellar area
Church of San Miguel
Sorejana Ermitage

Source on the route: No

Topographic profile:
Perfil Sorejana

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