Monte Bolo Path

This path allows us to get to know one of the historical heritage landmarks of the municipality: the jurisdictional roll located in the highest part of the mountain. In addition, as we get higher, we cannot miss the view of one of the valleys in La Rioja that combines the natural landscape with the cultural landscape of the vineyards. Leaving from the Plaza el Campillo, you will follow the signs indicating the ascent to Monte Bolo. It starts on dirt and stony ground on the slope, with steep gradients of 75%, 30%, 50%, 6% and, in the last stretch, 78%. Around the Rollo Jurisdiccional, which presides over the highest part, there is a viewpoint from where you can contemplate the Tirón river valley. From here, you can go down the same path or make the extension along the lagoons to return to Cuzcurrita. In this case, the total distance of the path is 2.33 kilometres to the starting point. From the top of Monte Bolo you can start this extension, going around the first lagoon on the right. After a steep descent on an asphalt road to the second lagoon, you reach the largest lagoon. Descending to it, we leave it behind us and head down the compacted dirt track on the right at the fork, through cereal fields and vineyards, arriving back in the municipality.

Lenght: 2,33 km.

Height: Ascent 70 m. and descent 40 m. Maximum altitude 650 m. Minimum altitude 580 m.

Area: Compacted earth on the path and stony ground on the first ascent, to reach the summit of Monte Bolo.

Signage: Yes, on the first part of the trail to the summit.

Approximate time: 00:31 ‘ at an average of 5 km/hour.

Recommendations: This first section can be done at any time of the year, because although it has a steep slope, the route is short. It is advisable to wear a hat in summer and avoid the middle of the day. If you make the extension through the lagoons to make the path in a circular form, it is recommended not to do it in summer because of the absence of trees in the second section (down to the lagoon and back to the municipality).

Fauna/botanical information: Pine, holm oak, thyme, lavender, chamomile, everlasting herb, fennel and aniseed.

Due to the botanical diversity, different species of butterflies can be seen with some frequency.

Agricultural interest: Vineyard and cereals

Heritage/artistic/historical interes:
Old town
Mount El Bolo  
Church of San Miguel

Source on the route: Yes, at the starting point, the Plaza del Campillo.

Topographic profile:
Perfil Sendero del Monte Bolo

Perfil Sendero del Monte Bolo

Photo gallery:

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