Path of the Tironcillo Hermitage

Starting from the Plaza Mayor of Cuzcurrita, you will leave the square on the left side to walk along Tirgo Street, which runs along the left bank of the River Tirón. You will pass through some housing estates and fields until you reach the junction with the Tirgo road, where you will see the Rioja Alta Wine Route signs for this section of the trail (Sendero del Bajo Oja Tirón).

Carefully cross this road to take the signposted path to the Hermitage, which leads straight ahead. Continue along this path, crossing more fields of cereal crops and vineyards until you reach a fork. At this point, turn right to take the route that will take you to the 17th century Ermita de Tironcillo hermitage. Twice a year, the local people go on pilgrimage with the image of Nuestra Señora de Tironcillo to pray for health and a plentiful harvest. This is an out-and-back footpath.

Lenght: 6,68 km.

Height: Ascent 10 m. Descent 20 m.

Area: Asphalt road.

Signage: Yes, in part.

Approximate time: 01:16 h. at an average of 5 km/h.

Recommendations: As there are no trees along a good stretch of the path (after the junction with the Tirgo road), it is recommended to walk it at any time of the year except during the middle hours of summer days. In any case, protect yourself from the sun.

Fauna/botanical information: Poplar, Robinia (or false acacia), rowan, reed, thistle, daisy, poppy, fennel, mullein, dandelion, plantain, scabiosa.

Agricultural interest: Walnut tree, olive tree, almond tree, cherry tree, cereal (wheat and barley), fig tree.

Heritage/artistic/historical interest (English audio):
St Michael’s Church
Old town
Tironcillo Hermitage

Source on the route: No.

Topographic profile:
Perfil Tironcillo

Photo gallery:

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