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River Walk

We love to enjoy our natural spaces in Cuzcurrita, that's why we want to share them with you.

On the stone Bridge that crosses the Tirón river, take a few minutes to contemplate the view of the village on both banks.

On one hand, the Castle and the river that has been flowing through the greenest and lush natural part. On the other, the village, dominating the image of the Baroque Church of San Miguel, the river as the protagonist, and the stone handball court, which has seen so many ball games since the 19th century. A social meeting point of the locals. Neighbours and rivals, but always friends.

Starting from the stone Bridge over the Tirón river, you must take the stairs down to the river on the right bank, near Las Cuevas street. If you want to take this entire walk, take the path to the left to pass under the bridge and reach the Pito fountain, where you can cool off. At that point you have a beautiful view of Velasco’s Castle, dating from the 14th century; of the river water and of the waterfall that falls from the Castle’s property and empties into the river.

Retracing the small section of path that takes you to the fountain and, crossing under the bridge again, you can continue all the way straight to enjoy a pleasant walk along the banks of the Tirón river. A large mass of trees and bushes will give you shade along the route. If you are a plant lover, you will be able to enjoy a great diversity of plants and trees, including the part closest to the river that maintains all its aquatic plants.

If you prefer resting and enjoying every part of the walk, you have benches and tables at your disposal for relaxation. Places to just listen to the silence, the wind and the birds. And the tower of the church of San Miguel, always present.

You will reach a second bridge over the Tirón river that will allow you to cross to the other shore again and access the historic centre of the village. If you go in a family group or with friends with children, you will find a playground area so that they can spend time outdoors in the natural environment of the river.

Many green spots to enjoy and remember.

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